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10 · 04 · 2019

Thank you for a successful International Women’s Day

Thank you for a successful Breakfast Discussion on International Women’s Day.


The theme for our Breakfast Discussion on the occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day was Children & Gender Quality. To discuss this matter, we had invited three panelists from the Nordic countries; Margrét Pála Ólafsdóttir from Iceland, Kalle Laanterä from Finland and Danielle Lindholm from Åland to discuss what role gender plays in education and learning systems today, how to teach girls and boys to overcome stereotypes and develop themselves freely.


Elin Mortensen, Head of Mission of the Faroes to the EU, opened the discussion with a welcome speech and hit the nail on the head with the following words:

“Many of us tend to forget, that the most important step in developing societies where women and men have the same opportunities is to nurture our children to know their value and show them the importance of respecting and caring for each other regardless of gender. This is why we decided that this year’s event should focus on the subject, which tends to be in the background of other gender discussions, like paternity leave, glass ceilings and gender quotas. Paradoxically the reality is, that we most likely wound not need of these tools, if we from the very beginning manage to ensure that the children in our societies are treated as equals, with equal justice, equal opportunity and equal dignity without discrimination”.


Afterwards followed an interesting and accurate open dialogue between the moderator and the three panelists, who contributed to the discussion with experience from their professions and daily work with children – and there were a lot of good points.


We put together a short video for you to experience some of highlights of the Breakfast event. Watch it here: Video International Women’s Day Breakfast Discussion


The event was a Nordic collaboration between Embassy of Denmark to Belgium, Embassy of Iceland, Mission of the Faroes to the European Union, Embassy of Finland, Embassy of Sweden, Norwegian Embassy, Åland’s landskapsregering, Finnish Cultural Institut for the Benelux and Danish Cultural Institute in Brussels.