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Welcome to DCI

Danish Cultural Institute is a self-governing organisation with the aim to foster dialogue, exchange and mutual inspiration between Denmark and the rest of the world. It is our mission through networks, cooperation and exchange of knowhow and best practice to create cultural and societal value in Denmark as well as abroad. With an open and dialogue based approach to cultural cooperation, we seek to foster intercultural understanding.


Our work is founded on a broad conceptual platform that embraces art, culture and society; within those areas we work for a common ground that unites people across cultures and national borders, promotes international understanding and facilitates intercultural communication.


Danish Cultural Institute facilitates networks and strengthens collaboration between Danish and international artists, cultural institutions and the creative sectors. In cooperation with partners – other European cultural institutes, cultural, arts and educational institutions, governmental bodies and individual artists – we create experiences, exchange, events and short and long term projects rooted in a deep understanding of the specific cultural and political landscape, we are operating in. With our activities, we strive to create long-lasting connections and networks.


Our activities are diverse – from concerts to exhibitions, conferences to field trips, to theatre, film, dance, and in some countries Danish courses. In this way, culture plays an active role in daily life, providing personal experiences to participants and audiences alike.