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20 · 02 · 2019

Jan Gehl on Cities for the Future

Jan Gehl will give a lecture on Cities for the Future at the Embassy of Denmark where he will discuss the concept of Smart Cities and the role of urban driven technology in cities.


Jan Gehl is a Danish architect, city planner, professor of Urban Design and the co-founder of Gehl Architects. In his long career, he has designed acknowledged national and international city improvement projects, all with focus on making better cities for the citizens. In his work as an architect Jan Gehl is concerned with, not only the architecture itself but equally with the quality of urban life and thus making cities for people. The view on architecture from a more psychologic point of view was new and pioneering at the time when Gehl started his career and he is one of the leading architects approaching architecture from this perspective. Over the decades, Jan Gehl has published several books on architecture and how to design good cities with focus on the quality of life.