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17 · 06 · 2019

Danish Cultural Institute in Brussels is closing 28th June 2019

In June 2019, the Brussels branch of Danish Cultural Institute, responsible for the Benelux countries and Germany, is closing. The decision is part of an implementation of the new strategy for Danish Cultural Institute globally.


Danish Cultural Institute has since its foundation in 1940 honored a tradition of placing institutes where they are most relevant and can make the most profound impact. Thus, through the history of the institute, branches have been opened and closed first mostly in Europe.


Well into the 21st century, Danish Cultural Institute finds itself in a new reality where an open dialogue that spans the globe is of urgent importance, challenged as it is by political, economic and cultural differences. This has within the last 15 years led to the opening of branches in China, Brazil and latest India.


In Brussels, capital of Europe, Danish Cultural Institute has benefited from – besides strong local partnerships – close relations with both European and Nordic cultural institutions and organisations. The institute wishes to preserve and strengthen these important collaborations in the future, working in a globalized context.


We would like to deeply thank all partners, supporters and artists who have been engaged with Danish Cultural Institute in Brussels.



Camilla Mordhorst, Secretary General of Danish Cultural Institute