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08 · 05 · 2018

AquaSonic Mannheimer Sommer 2018

As part of the Mannheimer Summer Festival 2018, the Danish group AquaSonic will perform their spectacular concerts the 15th and 16th July at the beautiful Rokokotheater Schwetzingen.


Mannheimer Summer is a European Festival of music and theater, from Mozart’s time till today, celebrating different music experiences and theater. The Manheimer Summer Festival takes place from the 12th to 22nd July in the Nationaltheater Mannheim as well as the Rokokotheater and Castle Garden in Schwetzingen. The focus is on Mozart as an innovator of the opera and the ideas of the European Enlightenment.


AquaSonic consists of five performers and musicians who submerge themselves into glass water tanks to play at their custommade instruments and sing entirely under water. Transformed inside these darkly, glittering, aquatic chambers, they produce compositions that are both melodic and powerful.


Ten years of work and countless experiments in cooperation with deep sea divers, instrument makers and scientists, the artist group Between Music created AquaSonic. In 2016, their first concert took place with an underwater organ, a hydraulophon, glass harp, rotacorda, percussion, underwater violin and a specially developed vocal technique. The concert immediately attracted international attention.


Laila Skovmand, artistic manager, composer and performer

The core of Laila Skovmand’s artistic work is a boundless curiosity and open-mindedness, which gives impulses for vocal and compositional inventions. As a performance artist, singer and composer Skovmand, consciously enters the gap between genres and media. She examines the limit states of human experience to question assumptions and narrowed perspectives. Her artistic process is founded in an intuitive method, combined with the skills of a craftsman and an almost scientific search for new ways of sound and expression.


Robert Karlsson, development director and musician

Robert Karlsson is the development director, the deputy artistic director and a performer in Between Music. In 2004, he received his diploma in vialo and violin from the Royal Academy of Music in Denmark. Karlsson works in genres ranging from classical music to avant-garde rock and minimalistic theater. He has created his own sound and niche as a multi-viola player at the Danish music and theater scene. As an innovative director, artistic co-creator and technical developer, Karlsson has an infectious sense of play, invention and discovery.