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30 · 10 · 2018

60 years of Danish Film Music

The 60th edition of the international film festival Nordische Filmtage Lübeck starts Tuesday the 30th of October and ends Sunday the 4th of November in the Northern-German Hansestadt.


In the audiovisual installation “60 years of Danish Film Music” the festival guests will find some of the most outstanding music from Danish films over the last 60 years – That could be Per Nørgaard‘s score for Gabriel Axel‘s Oscar-winning film “Babette’s Feast”, Joachim Holbek‘s thrilling strokes for Ole Bornedal‘s “Nightwatch”, or Søren Hyldgaard‘s melodic tunes for Susanne Bier‘s “The One and Only”. The installation consists of a video screen and a so-called sound shower, which means while listening to the music you are offered a short glimpse of the film behind the music.


Nordische Filmtage Lübeck is Europe’s only film festival focusing exclusively on exploring the Nordic and Northeast-European film industry, which is why the installation is a part of a larger theme of Danish film- and media composition at the festival. In these years Danish film- and media composers are increasingly getting international recognition for their compositions for both films and tv series.


“60 Years of Danish Film Music” is created as a collaboration between Danish composer Jesper Siberg, the founder of newly established Danish Film Music Archives, Jesper Hansen and the Industry Club for Film and Media Composers (BFM).

The installation is placed at the movie theater Kolosseum in Lubeck.


In a partnership with the Industry Club for Film and Media Composers (BFM) and Nordische Filmtage Lübeck, Danish Cultural Institute in Brussels supports the audiovisual installation “60 years of Danish Film Music”. The project is a part of the Cultural Friendship 2020 between Denmark and Germany, as well as the celebration of the Reunification 2020.


Besides the sound installation it is also possible to experience films as “A fortunate man”, “Christian IV”, “Ditte & Louise”, the tv series “The Bridge”, and “Team Albert” for the younger audience.


60 years of Danish Music

30th of October – 4th of November

10 AM – 10PM



Kronsforder Allee 25

23560 Lübeck


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